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Privacy-Focused Smartphone OS

Take control of your digital privacy without compromising functionality or convenience with Freedomwave’s DeGoogled Pixel smartphones.

Secure Devices

In an era where digital privacy is more critical than ever, choosing a privacy-focused smartphone operating system (OS) based on open-source code can revolutionize your mobile experience.

Granular Controls

Control over permissions ensures that apps only access the information they need, minimizing data exposure and maximizing privacy and security.

No Bloatware

Say goodbye to pre-installed apps that compromise your privacy and consume precious resources. Run lean and mean with only the apps you want.


Open-source code allows for scrutiny by developers and users alike, ensuring transparency in how your data is handled and protected.


Say goodbye to invasive tracking mechanisms employed by some mainstream OS providers. Reclaiming your digital autonomy and anonymity.


Benefit from ongoing collaboration and innovation within the open-source community, ensuring continuous improvement and evolution of privacy-centric features

Unleash Entertainment Freedom

CoreBOX IPTV/VOD Streaming Media Center

Embrace the freedom of choice and unlock a world of entertainment possibilities with the CoreBOX IPTV/VOD platform featuring thousands of channels, extensive media capabilities, and community-driven add-ons.

Endless Content Selection

Access thousands of channels offering diverse content genres, including movies, TV shows, live sports, news, and more. Say goodbye to subscription fees and enjoy free access to a vast library of entertainment options.

Ongoing Development

Explore thousands of addons developed by the community, enhancing your media center with additional functionalities and content sources.

Extensible Media Center

Customize your media center with addons tailored to your preferences, whether you’re looking for niche content or specialized features.

Personal Media

Enjoy a seamless viewing experience as the platform seamlessly integrates with your personal library, offering convenient playback options for your favorite content.

Enhanced Experience

Elevate your viewing experience with features like on-demand content, live streaming, customizable playlists, and more.

No Subscription Fees

Say goodbye to restrictive subscription models and enjoy the freedom to explore a wealth of content without any financial obligations.

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